Now Accepting Hashtags

Hello Tweeples,

Just wanted to let our followers no we are now pulling the following hashtags: (thanks for the tip @almacy)

  • #dctraffic – DC traffic reporting
  • #mdtraffic – Maryland traffic reporting
  • #vatraffic – Virginia traffic
  • #baltraffic – Baltimore traffic reporting

We are calling out Baltimore traffic separate from Maryland traffic reporting as it is a major city. If we start to see reporting coming out of other cities, we’ll suggest more specific hashtags for those.

Send us a tweet with where you are or where you see traffic being a problem, accidents, and more. if you have suggestions for additional hashtags, let us know as well.

We want to hear from you. You can still @thebeltway to offer suggestions and chat at anytime, but if you are reporting traffic, please use one of the above hashtags.


Fall Update – I love this Weather

In skimming the blog traffic today and knowing that I needed to spend some time updating how @thebeltway can help you, the commuter, I came across this blog post:

let me comment, since I could not on the site… WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH GANNETT OR NEWS Channel 9.

Although the thought did cross my mind to engage with @angiegoff about possibly being one of the contributers to the feed, as she is only local area traffic reporter I have seen actively using twitter.

With that said, I am working on the content to be more real time and less spam. As well as remind you, our followers to keep reporting traffic to us @thebeltway or #thebeltway and hash tag the streets and direction of traffic.

By the way, to Melinda Gipson, who wrote the blog about this feed possibly being related to channel 9 or Gannett, I apologize, we never did receive that email from you. I am updating our email address to go to my account to ensure that all future correspondence is received.


We Need More Feeds

Hi Everyone – this blog is all about the twitter account that we created for Washington DC traffic. You can visit the twitter account by going here:

the beltway

Right now if you subscribe to the account you will be getting 24 hour updates about DC traffic alerts. We are scouring the net now to find more RSS feed alerts to add to the updates. If you know of any please let us know!

We are working on some of the details and features that we would like this to have. One is that you can turn the notifications on when you are driving and off when you are not. We would also like you to be able receive alerts about specific areas, rather than the whole beltway.

Well, enjoy and give us any feedback.